The U.S. Navy opted to collect rain water from the helicopter hangar to use in the helicopter washing bays. They designed the system with EcoRain Single Tanks—1.5’ tall. The photographs show how a plastic liner was first installed, then a layer of sand placed inside the liner to aid in water purification.

All built under a parking lot.

  • Two separate water reuse structures: 60,000 gallons and 40,000 gallons.

  • Constructed in April 2009, the first Tank structure took 4.5 days to complete, the second Tank structure took 3 days to


  • Total number of EcoRain Single Tanks used was 23,200.

  • Native backfill was used for sand/gravel backfill mixture due to naturally high porosity rates.

  • Total excavation footprint for each structure did not exceed two feet due to high water tables.