Road Inlet Hermosa Beach, California EcoRain System Solution

During storms, the streets of Hermosa Beach used to sheet water to low spots and pool, which created dangerous driving conditions until the EcoRain Systemswater evaporated or made its way to the storm drain system. A simple, inexpensive solution was to install a row of EcoRain Tanks under an inlet to allow the water to seep into the substrate.

  • The City’s maintenance department dug a pit in a low spot on Valley Avenue at 2nd Street.

  • They placed ER-401 EcoRain 2” Drainage Cells™ as a strength mat on the bottom and top of three ER-502EcoRain Double Tanks™ wrapped in Geo textile fabric.

  • They backfilled with sand and then placed a pre-fabricated concrete inlet structure on top of the 2” Drainage Cell™layer. Further backfill was placed around the inlet, then pavement on top.

  • ER-301 Drainage Cells™ line the inside of the inlet to transport water from the sides as well as the bottom when water fills the inlet.