Stormwater Best Management Practice projects

The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation

Bio-filtration fits snugly between lanes of traffic and the industrial runoff from a major highway,
Imperial Highway Mediansanitation processing plant, residential communities & the ocean. This urban street median storm water project is located on Imperial Highway between Pershing Drive and Main Street in El Segundo, CA. It is in a highly traveled street that divides LAX Airport and the residential neighborhoods of El Segundo. It also leads directly to Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean…just down the street. Keep that pollution out of our oceans!

  • The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation conceptualized this project as one of 32 stormwater Best Management Practice projects funded byProposition O. Project was completed November 2009.

  • The storm water runoff project is a bio-filtration system comprised of vegetated swales and an infiltration trenchc ontaining approximately 13,000 cubic feet of EcoRain Tanks™ that will collect runoff from a 7.5-acre area.

  • It is removing bacteria, oil, trash and suspended solids from storm water that would otherwise be discharged to SantaMonica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Shrubs and trees were planted in the project area, and an automated irrigation system that uses recycled water was installed.

  • Park West Landscape Inc. installed the EcoRain Tanks and landscaping.