ERS SuDS 50mm (2”) DRAINAGE CELL SPECIFICATION SHEET  (Turf and Gravel Pavers)

Rainwater Solutions  storm crate 50mm
Standard UsedMetricImperial
Surface Area90-95 % void
Service Temperature-30°C to 120°C-22°F to 248°F
Flow Rate per unit width
ASTM D4716283.90 t/m2± 5%405.3 psi± 5%
Compressive Strength/ Ultimate LoadASTM D1621>848 Lt/min>224.00 gals/min
Material100% recycled polypropylene
Biological & Chemical ResistanceUnaffected by moulds and algae, soil-borne chemicals, bacteria and bitumen

Products must have a maximum deformation of <25%.

Compressive strength test – filled with sand


Filled with sandArea (mm²)Area (Inches²)Load (Kg)Load (lbs)Compressive strength (t/m²)Compressive strength (PSI)
54554.7384.56231332.1510,0005201.01± 5%7395 ± 5%